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So. Funny.

“I want cake! I want it right now!”


A brief note on left-handed writing.

I write like this:

I.e, how right-handed people write, just...left-handedly. Granted, my fingers aren't as tense as this fellow's, but you get the idea. I don't have to angle the paper to have nice handwriting. My handwriting is not slanted, nor is it backwards, as some people like to think about left-handers. I often get ink on the side of my hand as I draw it over what I've just written, but that's hardly anything to complain about.

The instructor on the video I'm using with my self-paced math course (and our president), writes like this (through no fault of their own, I'm sure):

See that? The hooking of this wrist? How the fingers must point downward to hold the pen and stroke letters upright? Do you see how uncomfortable that must be? How ergonomically and physically wrong that is?

For the love of god, if you have children who are left-handed, please DO NOT LET THEM BE TAUGHT TO WRITE THIS WAY. They don't have to write this way! SERIOUSLY, IT'S UNNECESSARY. They can have excellent, readable, straight penmanship without having to contort themselves to do it! I swear! It's possible! Even if they have to tilt the page to be comfortable, don't you think that's preferable to having a claw!?!

/rant. Carry on.


Like I need another site to waste time on.

Or abandon randomly. ;)

I totally broke down and got a tumblr. Even though I have no idea how to use it (still!).

I'm geneeste. Confusing, I know! Leave your usernames too, if you like!



Not really a spoiler, but just in case...Collapse )


Guys, my psyche is weird.

My big dream last night: Michael Fassbender and Jessica Alba were Spartan-IIs who went out and did badass things, like killing a giant T-Rex that was on the loose in Guam. Then they had angsty sex that led to Alba being pregnant with twins, and then there was angst over her severe hyperemesis and Fassbender did a lot of arguing with the UNSC scientists about Alba and the miracle twins being viewed as experiments.

...I don't even know.
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O wise Flist...

I know I haven't posted in a while, and I do have updates for you, but tonight I just can't be bothered. I've been reading my friends page, though, I swear!

But, to the reason I've called you here: can you guys recommend any good Pride and Prejudice adaptions or continuations?

I have a few weeks of blessedly nothing to do, and I plan to devour my booklist like a great devouring thing. I want to finish Railroad Spine by [profile] geonncannon, but after that I'm really in the mood for something P&P-related.

I've looked through Amazon a bit for such books, but I'm having a hard time trusting reviews (and there are so many to sift through). Any recs you have would be greatly appreciated!

(Anyone read Darcy Goes to War? The WWII premise sounds intriguing, but, again, I'm having trouble committing.)


A friendly thing...

A nice thing I got (and posted to!) from [profile] nostalgia_lj:

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friending meme


So I watched Bones today for the first time in a long time...

...and it bugged me so much that I thought the subsequent rant deserves its own post.

In which Genie rants about bad plots, bad writing, bad directing, and anything else she can think of.Collapse )

In summary, I wanted to like this episode - I really, really did. But I really, really didn't.

ETA: So now I am watching old Bones episodes on Netflix so that I can remember the warm glow of love for the show. I need that.


All is good (but cold!) in the land of Genie.

Have any of you ever been to Newport News or the Hampton Roads area? I took a drive after lunch with the hubby and ended up in the downtown area of NN (whilst the kidlet slept in his seat). I want to go back on my own and just have a walkabout, but what struck me during the drive is just how "Eastern" it seems to me. I don't know if you know what I mean, but there is something about the East coast that has its own atmosphere and look attached. So that left an impression, as well as how rundown everything seemed, which is pretty normal that close to the ocean. But it also struck me that the last few years have not been kind to this area, even with all of the federal and military money streaming in and out. Anyway, not sure why I shared that, but there it is.

I'm taking a remedial math class at the local community college, and it's hella embarrassing (the class, not the college). I'm a professional and I already have a respectable degree, and yet here I am, having to relearn things like simple geometric formulas and basic algebra. Sigh. (No, I'm not prideful at all. Why do you ask?)

And I know I have a young-looking face (not a bad thing, necessarily), but it's clear that the professor is accustomed to dealing with very young, very unmotivated kids and is lumping me in with them. I could be projecting, but she is just very attentive. Annoyingly attentive. Attentive and encouraging and monitoring to the point that it is difficult for me to get my work done because I can't focus on what I'm doing. I know at some point I'm going to have to say something to the affect of, "you know, I'm married, I have children, I've finished school and I've held down a job for many years now. I know how to discipline myself into getting things done." I'm just trying to figure out a nicer way to say it.

I really do need to work on being less abrasive in personal settings. Give me a professional problem, and I'm a diplomat. Give me a private dilemma? Not so much anymore.

On a completely different note, I think I may be starting to feel my little alien! Not anything overt, just flutters and pressure here and there. So that's nice.

Um -- reading list! Inspired by the acquisition of a new book:

1. Railroad Spine by geonncannon. Steampunk! F/F romance! Pretty pretty covers! I am especially excited by this one.
2. Drift by Rachel Maddow. Hubby got me this for Mother's Day and I still haven't sat down to read it.
3. Cold Magic by Kate Elliott. I understand this is a trilogy, and I like what I've read so far, which is good because I'd love a long, plotty romp through a universe.
4. Feed by Mira Grant. Also a trilogy - I've heard it's good but only recently picked it up so don't know yet.
5. Blackout by Connie Willis. I also have the sequal, All Clear, but I'm not putting it on the list until I finish the first.
6. The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. I know, I know, but I've never read them! This is the first three books of the series in one volume, and I'm really just reading them (aside from hearing they're good) because I want to understand that great fic holdouttrout wrote that one time.

Any thoughts from those of you who may have read these already?


The storm has passed - no real issues here.

We had some flooding behind our house (the inlet overflowing) that covered our dock and about 20 feet on either side of the water at its highest, but other than that we were fine. We didn't even lose power (thank you, hard-working Dominion Power guys and gals!).

Watched Castle last night, and while I liked it - did anyone else feel that the writing/pacing was off? Was that just me?

I want to take a moment to discuss some recent political asshattery that earned today's post icon: rape pregnancies as gifts from god.Collapse )

Speaking of Facebook, a situation with a friend in which Genie struggles with herself on a lot of the things she just talked about.Collapse )

And the same woman just posted something about how force is the only way to annihilate Muhammed and his false doctrine. Yeah. It may be time to say goodbye to Facebook.


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