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Llamas! (Not really. More pregnancy shenanigans.)

GUYS. My body is crazy, ya'll.

I do, sadly, have cholestasis, but the good news is that I'm being treated with the right meds (which are now helping!), the baby is being monitored twice-weekly for any problems, and I'm being induced Friday the 12th (at 5am - yikes!) 3 weeks early to avoid any issues that the baby might face if we wait. So while my body sucks, at least we are taking all the right precautions!

However, I was hospitalized again Friday/Saturday due to my overactive uterus (I don't know, is this a thing?) - in other words, I started contracting like crazy Friday morning, which was picked up on (along with some minor dips in baby girl's heartbeat) during my non-stress test that day and they sent me up to L&D for monitoring. Once there, they confirmed what they thought at the time was preterm labor (technically I would still be preterm, since I'm not 37 weeks until Wednesday) and admitted me overnight fully expecting that I'd deliver.

Thankfully (and oddly), although I was contracting every 1-2 minutes for several hours (and dilated 4cm) my contractions calmed down overnight and they sent me home Saturday (they weren't going to stop my labor at this point, but they weren't going to help it along either). Very strange, but good in that Josie gets a few more days to mature.

Also: having knocked out two major groups of antibiotics due to allergy, my body apparently thought it would be a great idea to go for a third. I'm also Group B Strep positive (as if we need anything else going on, right?), and had a bad reaction to the antibiotic they gave me to treat it. I am already itchy, body, I DID NOT ALSO NEED HIVES, THANKS. Apparently I also had an infection that I was unaware of? I don't even with you, self.

Anyway. Things are calmer now, although I'm still contracting painfully, just not regularly. I have no idea if we'll make it to Friday. Mom is here to help out and watch M. when the time comes, which is wonderful and stress-reducing, so I'm happy. We can handle this.

Huh. I should probably cool it on the use of parentheses, yes?

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Sounds like you're in good hands!

Ugh not nice at all. Glad you're well cared for!!

Your body might be crazy, but I'm glad you and Josie are doing well! \o/

Whew! That sounds like a wild few days. Hang in there!

Pssh. Parentheses (in my opinion, at least) are great.

(I really hope this isn't wildly inappropriate - I'm going for mildly amusing? Or at least a groan-worthy failed attempt at humor)

This is going to be great for entertaining guilt trips when she's older "Can you please bring mommy a glass of water? No? Did I ever tell you how ITCHY I was while I was pregnant with you?"

Hopefully by now you have your beautiful baby in your arms, are no longer itchy and in seventh heaven. Hope it all went wonderfully well - can't wait for your news xx

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