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I really do have the loveliest friends.

Look at what [personal profile] tielan sent me!

Sel, I got these wonderful gifts while my mother and sister-in-law and nephews were visiting, and wanted to wait until they left to thank you so I could do it properly. ;) I also got the cookie cutters, and they're not in the picture because we already used them to make sugar cookies for Easter (and they are CUTE AND DELICIOUS).

Also, I couldn't wait to open the Tam Tams before taking the picture. I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate. Especially these cookies! The bookmark is so beautiful (and I didn't want to open the envelope, because the seal was so pretty, so I just kinda opened around it), and thank you so much for thinking of Max and Josie too! You rock so much.

Seriously, you completely made my week with these gifts, and your timing couldn't have been better as these past few weeks have been tough. You are so appreciated. (The icon above is me sending you lots of virtual hugs.)
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