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Please, body, just work the way you are supposed to. Please.

Ugh, guys. I could use a break.

A few nights ago I woke up around 3am to the most intense itching sensation in my hands that I have ever felt (really, anywhere). And then the itching spread, from my arms to my belly to my legs and finally my feet. I was up all night and no amount of itching I did seemed to make any difference. I didn't (and still don't) have a rash, so it didn't occur to me that it might be an actual problem.

But it kept up the next day (although the all-over itching wasn't as bad) and my hands were still crazy itchy so I called the clinic, and one of the providers had me come in for some blood work to check her suspicions that I might have something called cholestasis of pregnancy. It's a liver/gallbladder (more gallbladder, I guess?) function problem that involves bile acid building up in the blood, causing really bad itching all over (but mostly in the hands and feet).

And do I ever itch. Jesus christ, even my ears itch. The thing is, it's not all the time (except for the bottoms of my feet. I would really love to just get some sandpaper to line my socks with and walk around with it ALL DAY) - in fact, I had a lull today where I hardly had any itching, and I thought, yay! Maybe it was all in my head, or a reaction to something! Nope. Came back this afternoon with a vengeance. My left arm, my right thigh, my neck, and my scalp are all raw. I'm trying not to scratch, but it's really, really difficult. I'm having a tough time sleeping, too, because the itching gets really bad at night, and there's just not much I can do to relieve it. The doc gave me an antihistamine, which really doesn't help the itching but does help me sleep for a few hours, so there's that.

Other than the itching, there's no real risk to me, but there is a risk of health problems for the baby which is why, if it is what I have (maybe it's not!), I'd like to start getting treated for it. Unfortunately, the bile acid test isn't something they do in house so they had to send it out, so it may take a little while. My providers have been very nice and proactive, though, and I have a follow-up appointment coming up, so we'll deal with it then (if I don't break down and beg for relief before then). It may also involve delivering the baby a few weeks early, but I'm not worrying about that yet since we don't even know if I have the disorder.

Just...please god let the itching go away soon. Please. The Hubs is gone and I have a kid to take care of and schoolwork to do, and I'm so tired and uncomfortable. Please, please let it go away.

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Chamomile lotion can help. But not much. :(.

There's a med they can try if they confirm it.

Wishing a speedy few more weeks for you!

Thank you! They did confirm cholestasis and I'm on UDCA until they induce on April 11th. I found something called Sarna lotion that coupled with ice packs has been really helpful. Phew!

Ugh, it's crazy, but I am getting treated now! Still itchy, but I don't have much longer to go. :)

Ugh, I hope the itching stops soon.

(This may not be the time to say I'm kind of proud that I guessed the itching might be due to the liver before I got to that part? I had/have latent TB and was on meds that were hard on my liver- for 9 months, no drinking..., so I was told to let my provider know if my hands started itching...)

I'm thinking good thoughts and wishing you a very boring next few weeks :)

Haha, I don't blame you for being proud! I would have been too. ;) Is the TB still a problem for you - I hope not! I've never had it, but I can imagine it's not fun.

And thank you! I'm being treated for it now, so that's good for the baby at the very least.

Is the treatment helping? (You, I mean, in addition to the baby, who must be almost ready to come meet everyone???)

The TB is/was latent, so I was asymptomatic and wasn't contagious, but BOY, if you ever want someone to leave you alone, tell them you have TB... hehehe. I did have to abstain from alcohol for 9 months, which got me a lot of pregnancy rumors.

*itches right now in sympathy*

That sounds kinda like what happened to me when I got Fifth Disease in high school. Itching is the WORST. I hope they figure out what it is and that it goes away quickly!

Thank you! They did figure it out, and I'm being treated, so that's good. Sadly there's not much they can do for the itching, but I've found a few things that help, at least!

Oh wow, that sounds awful! I'm sorry they did diagnose it, and hope that everything goes really well from here!! Can't wait to see the news about bub!! xx

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